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Brink is a quarterly newsmagazine published by MMIC for MMIC and UMIA clients. Each issue provides fresh perspectives, themed feature articles, useful resources, case studies and claim reviews to help our clients practice better and safer care.

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Winter Issue - Healthy Care Teams

  • Factor of Me
  • Culturally Speaking
  • Are Physicians an Endangered Species?
  • Joy to the Work
  • Belonging, Together


Spring/Summer Issue - Communication: To the Heart of the Matter

  • Can We Talk?
  • When News Isn't Good
  • No Longer Lost in Translation
  • Citizen Jurors
  • Are We Trending?

Fall/Winter Issue - The Call for Telemedicine

  • Enhanced Roles, Reducing Risk
  • Leading Through Collaboration
  • New Models of Care Delivery
  • Training Rural Trauma Teams


Summer Issue - The Opioid Dilemma

  • Rethinking Pain Management
  • One Treatment Does Not Fit All
  • Health Professionals & Opioid Addition
  • When You Need to Say No

Spring Issue - Improving the Diagnostic Process

  • A 12-Step Diagnostic Process of Care Framework
  • When a Cough Isn't Just a Cough
  • Engaging the Patient Early
  • Debugging EHR Factors
  • Opening Up
  • Senior Living: Communicating Acute Change of Condition
  • Meditations on Medicine


Fall Issue - Advanced Practice Providers

  • Advanced Practice Providers
  • 3 Strategies to Support APP's and Reduce Risks
  • Culture Shift: Leading Through Collaboration
  • APPs as Part of the Solutions
  • Claim Review: Communication Breakdown

Summer Issue - Consent & Communication

  • Consent & Communication
  • The cost of Misunderstandings
  • Informed Consent: More than a Signature
  • Where Communication Breaks Down
  • Reducing risks Associated with Your EHR
  • Claim review: Failure to obtain Informed consent

Spring Issue - The patient experience

  • Violence in the workplace
  • Denial doesn't help
  • Managing abusive patients
  • Compassion fatigue and disruptive behavior
  • HR policies to help weed out troublemakers
  • A patient's vengeance claim review

Winter Issue - Surgery

  • How's your social IQ!
  • How old is "too old" to practice?
  • Successful pre-op conversations
  • Lessons learned from a wrong-site surgery
  • Claim review: preeclampsia undiagnosed and untreated


Summer Issue - Outpatient risks

  • A rare glimpse of risks in the outpatient setting.
  • Your willingness to empathize can help — or hinder — a patient’s emotional healing.
  • Health care stats and facts.
  • What are the risks associated with advanced practice providers?
  • Root cause analysis as a tool for clinics.
  • The value of a formalized peer review process
  • Improving patient safety by asking for feedback.

Spring Issue - The patient experience

  • How we can improve access to care.
  • Learning from our own experience as patients.
  • Apologies and their impact on the patient experience.
  • Doctor-patient relationships and the EHR.
  • Engaging patients through technology.
  • Health care stats and facts.
  • Be ready to support those suffering from the unsettling events.

Winter Issue - Getting through a malpractice suit

  • Facing a medical malpractice suit.
  • Overcoming barriers between doctors and patients.
  • Doctors say a little of both
  • Complying with ever-changing regulations.
  • Health care stants and facts.


Fall Issue - The physician experience

  • How physician burnout affects our medical care system.
  • Open sharing and joint accountability in a Just Culture environment.
  • Managing an advanced practice provider.
  • How doctors are finding joy again in the practice of medicine.
  • Health care stats and facts.
  • The positive outcomes of an effective QAPI program.

Summer Issue - The Diagnosis Issue

  • What's Wrong: Why we sometimes fail to accurately diagnose.
  • Prevention by Prediction: A new tool helps prevent shoulder dystocia.
  • Think Again: Cognitive biases and how to avoid them.
  • Feeling Their Pain: Empathy training for doctors and nurses.
  • Diagnosis stats and facts.
  • When Patients Veer Off Their Baseline: Acute change of condition.

Spring Issue - The Clinic Issue

  • Back to Basics
  • The BIg Challenges of a Small Practice
  • Mission Accomplished
  • Set the Record Straight
  • ETC.
  • Looking Deeper, Seeing More

Winter Issue - The Emergency Medicine Issue

  • Pressure in Emergency Medicine
  • Communication Breakdowns in the Emergency Department
  • EHR Best Practices
  • Recognizing Drug Diversion in the Emergency Department
  • Emergency Medicine & Health IT
  • Emergency Medicine Malpractice Data


Fall Issue – The Communication Issue

  • Patient-and-Family-Centered Care
  • Physician Patient Communication
  • Readmission Reduction
  • High Risk Patient Hand-offs
  • Apology and Disclosure

Summer Issue – The Health IT Issue

  • A Master Plan for Health IT
  • EHR Unintended Consequences
  • Transition to Health IT
  • Health IT and Test Management
  • Harmessing the Power of Your HER
  • Patient Portal
  • Security Risk

Spring Issue – The OB Issue

  • Shoulder Dystocia
  • Avoiding Elective Delivery Before 39 Weeks
  • Patient Safety Culture
  • Long Term Care EHR Readiness