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Numerous discounts make our outstanding coverage very affordable.

Discounts are based on loss history, participation in continuing education, practice size and other factors.

  • Loss-Free Credit

    Policyholders receive an annual discount for remaining free of a paid claim greater than $50,000. The discount increases by 2% annually (3% in Utah) to a maximum discount of 24%.

  • New Practitioner Discount

    New-to-practice physicians receive a discount during their first five years of practice. After the New Practitioner discount expires you will be eligible for the Loss-Free discount.

    • 75% first year
    • 50% second year
    • 25% third year
    • 15% fourth year
    • 10% fifth year (15% in Utah)
  • Group Discount

    Groups of physicians can receive up to a 20% discount.

  • Part-Time Practice Discount

    Receive up to a 75% premium discount based on the average number of hours, up to 24, practiced per week.

  • Deductible Discounts

    Reduce annual premium up to 14% by adding a deductible to the policy. Please contact Underwriting for policy-specific details.