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Mission, Vision, Values
and Culture

The heart and soul of a company is reflected in its mission, vision, values and culture. These phrases serve as a rallying point – they represent who we are, what we stand for, and how we want others to see and know us.  These are not mere words. They represent a touchstone for what we aspire to, how we do business, and they demonstrate the culture we continue to build.

Here’s what we’ve created.

We are the trusted and innovative leader in medical liability insurance products and risk solutions.

To achieve optimal patient care and safety in partnership with the health care community.


Our culture

At UMIA, our culture is about growing stronger and better, together. Our people are our culture.

  • Our culture is performance-based. Celebrating our successes is as important as learning from our mistakes. Employees understand what makes good great and what makes great even better, and they see how performance is linked to reward.
  • We strive for constant improvement. If we can make it better, we do. Each employee is empowered to improve the processes, tools and procedures they perform or use each day.
  • We live to continuously learn and develop ourselves. Employees are encouraged to own their careers, learn new skills and take advantage of every possible opportunity for professional growth and development.
  • We takes precedence over me. Team members work collaboratively, at times taking on different roles to contribute their talents where they are needed most. And all employees are deeply valued not only for their can-do attitudes and ownership spirits, but their willingness to put the success of the company ahead of personal career aspirations.
  • Have fun working hard. We expect our employees to give it their all our hard-working clients and their patients deserve no less. But we always take time to celebrate and restore. Five aspects of employee well-being get laser focus at UMIA. We are committed to ensuring our employees love working here as much as they love their free time, and that means serious support of a healthy work-life balance.

Company description
UMIA, Insurance Inc., is a provider-owned mutual company. We are the trusted and innovative leader in medical liability insurance and risk solutions in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming. We support the caregivers who take care of us, while promoting optimal patient care and safety – because we all benefit from protecting, defending and rewarding those who advance the practice of good medicine. UMIA embodies values of integrity, stewardship, innovation and respect. Founded in 1978, UMIA, joined the Constellation family of companies in 2013. Visit us
at UMIA.com.